Encourage Education in Rural Areas (EERA)

Encourage Education in Rural Areas (EERA)

"Educated people are the building blocks of a nation". Education is one of the most essential virtues in the life of an individual. Apart from being a necessity of the society, it is an important symbol of freedom and helps in leading a good life.

Activities in Encourage Education in Rural Areas (EERA) are:

Free School Kit Distribution

program – A school kit contains a school bag, notebooks, pencils, pens, and a geometry box, is given to children in slums and government schools in order to help them with their ongoing education.

  • School Kit Distribution program addresses student retention at government and other needy schools. Since 2009, 44150 children have been benefited from the School Kit Distribution by Bringing Smiles

Free Computer Labs and Education in Govt. Schools

  • Have setup “Free Computer Training Centres" in rural area schools to training students/teachers on computer education. More than 3500 students/teachers are getting computer knowledge "free of Cost".

Pratibha Puraskara

  • to honor meritorious students from rural areas and motivate students to higher studies